Denture Design Services

Our services include routine examinations and adjustments for:

  • New Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Flippers (one, two, three teeth replacement)
  • Permanent Metal Partials
  • Temporary Acrylic Partials
  • Flexible Partials
  • Implant Overdentures
  • Denture and Partial Reline
  • Repairs
  • Snoring devices
  • Hard Guard ( for clenching and bruxing)
  • Whitening trays
  • Other removable non-orthodontic appliances please call with questions
  • Snap-On Smile
  • Ultrasuction chamber for "floating" dentures
  • Swiss Denture System

Additional services: Denture Cleaning, Emergency Denture Repair, Denture Adjustments, False Teeth, Bridge Alternatives, Crown Alternatives and Recommendations or Referrals  

Denture Design can re-create your old smile. Bring us a photo to show us what it was like when you had a full set of teeth. Esthetics is a priority to us. We will give you a functioning bite and a comfortable denture fit so you can enjoy the full spectrum of foods and beverages, regardless if it is a full set of dentures, flippers, upper plates, lower plates or single teeth replacement. The goal is to craft a comfortable, life-like denture for a confident smile.

If you are considering dental implant surgery, implants or implant buttons, we are happy to refer you to an Oral Surgeon in Tigard or the surrounding Portland Metro area. In the meantime, we can fix a damaged denture to give you an affordable option now. Call us if you have questions about a natural denture that withstands the test of time.

ULTRASUCTION CHAMBER much cheaper alternative to implants. !!
We are excited about a new product called
OnCore Dental

an ultra-fit solution using innovative technology called "Ultra Suction." This system has two valves that allow air to escape between the tissue and the denture. Patients do not need to worry about denture movement with OnCore. Give us a call to learn more.

Our office is closed for lunch. Walk-in visits are welcomed Mo-Wed

Appointments are available during regular business hours and in most cases on weekends and after and before regular business hours as well.

Call us today to schedule a time that works well for you.
Payment plan/financing available
Sliding scale (after consultation)
We process almost all  insurance claims

Past medical history is requested. We guarantee the confidential nature and privacy of your medical and dental records. This information helps us to better serve you.
Call us today to schedule an appointment

Denture Design
12930 SW Pacific Hwy,Ste103
Tigard, OR  97223
(503) 443-2325

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